Bathrooms by TMP Build

At TMP we have over 20 years of experience in all espects of building work, allowing us to focus on fitting stylish yet practical bathrooms to fit all tastes and budgets.

The bathroom is the place we generally go to relax and we want to feel comfortable in there – depending on your wishes, we can fit a stylish bathroom with basic amenities all the way to hot tubs and TV’s – Your wishes and desires are the only limit.

We will always provide you a free quote, and all your work will be carried out by qualified professionals, with any plumbing and electrical work will be signed off as safe. All of our work matches or beats our requirements under legislation.

“Our customers always come first”

Why Choose TMP?

We have over 20 years experience in all aspects of building work spanning multiple trades.  We can ensure your project goes right first time and manage every aspect of the build.

  • We always put our customers first.
  • Only professional and trained staff
  • Highest quality materials that still deliver value.
  • We plan or you plan
  • Always on time and in budget
  • Fully insured company with own tools
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